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 heavens_rejects - (no_ones_sun)
07:29pm 02/05/2008
Konzen Douji posting in Welcome to Purgatory
Nexus Heaven, or at least this part of it, looks a great deal more cheerful than it did before. Mostly it's flowers, all planted in pots rather than cut ones, of all sorts. Lots and lots of them. There's also ribbon and paper lanterns of various bright colors accenting them, and if one looks closely, one might notice what appears to be multi-colored fireflies darting about here and there. The music, too, is light-hearted, but also soft and relaxing.

All of this makes a lot more sense if you happen to know who Konzen met earlier.

Someone, or perhaps several someones, may have to die later, but for now everything is happy.
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 heavens_rejects - (no_ones_sun)
10:59am 05/04/2008
Konzen Douji posting in Welcome to Purgatory
Konzen left Ran to sleep in one of the temple rooms. The monks would look after her, no doubt, even if she did spend a lot of time making them suffer. They were always volunteering to practice with her, despite the bruises. The older ones had plenty to be displeased with, but the fact that she taught the younger ones some humility wasn't one of them.

He's back in nexus Heaven now, and to say that he is in a rather annoyed mood would be something of an understatement.
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 heavens_rejects - (no_ones_sun)
12:34pm 21/09/2007
Konzen Douji posting in Welcome to Purgatory
It's unusually quiet around Kanzeon's reflection pool without Kanzeon, Jiroushin, or Nataku around. Which is just as well, because Konzen doesn't feel like talking to any of them about why he's standing there watching it now, frowning in a distant sort of way.
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 heavens_rejects - (no_ones_sun)
09:14am 22/07/2007
Konzen Douji posting in Welcome to Purgatory
Konzen is minding his own business, walking down the hall towards Tenpou's office with a couple of books in hand, when he almost trips over something fairly small that slithers out a nearby doorway and down the hall at an impressive speed. There's a rather familiar hissing noise, just as Konzen manages to regain his balance, but the dark blur slows for less than a second before zipping past him and towards the nearest open door.
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 heavens_rejects - (justanadjutant)
03:27pm 10/07/2007
Tenpou posting in Welcome to Purgatory
The Gates to Heaven are... well... surprisingly mundane. At least the ones Tenpou prefers to use are. They're not even gates, really, just a room which somehow connects Heaven to the lower realms. Tenpou could probably explain the physics (or lack thereof) behind it, but few people would ever want to get him started on such a topic.

The rest of Heaven, however, is as beautiful and artificial looking as one might expect of Heaven. It's decidedly Eastern in appearance, with well cared for gardens and long, covered walkways. If Caphriel has ever been to the Forbidden City in Japan, he may see some resemblances, although this is both larger and more in every respect. It is Heaven, after all.

Tenpou glances over at the angel. "It's a bit of a walk from here to my quarters, but the views are nice enough I doubt most people mind. Not that many people go through the Gates that aren't already used to the view."
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 heavens_rejects - (almost_merciful)
02:31am 12/03/2007
Kanzeon Bosatsu posting in Welcome to Purgatory
What a mess. Kanzeon hadn't been by the copy of her palace in the Nexus Heaven for some time, and with one thing and another, it had gotten a bit out of hand. Ah well. It wasn't beneath the great Kanzeon Bosatsu-sama to clean her own house. If Jiroushin wasn't around to do it for her, anyway.

So there was Spring Cleaning in a little corner of Heaven. She even had a kerchief tied around her hair and a frilly apron, just to be properly traditional about the whole thing. It took a bit of time, but she got the whole place in order.

Tenpou had left some of his books while he was using her reflecting pool, too. Just because she knew he'd been trespassing on her estate ANYWAY was no excuse for leaving evidence, tsk. She stacked them neatly off to the side somewhere to be returned to him when she felt like it. Or he remembered to come get them. It was probably a toss-up what would happen first.
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 heavens_rejects - (heresy_is_sexy)
07:26pm 08/01/2007
Ukoku Sanzo posting in Welcome to Purgatory
::There was a lot of bribery involved in getting this present delivered, but Konzen has survived all of the other gifts, and such persistence should be rewarded. This one isn't even lethal. Unless Konzen wants it to be, of course. There is now a nobodys_bunny kneeling on Konzen's doorstep, wearing a biiiiiiiiig red bow...and nothing else.::
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 heavens_rejects - (heresy_is_sexy)
11:11pm 28/12/2006
Ukoku Sanzo posting in Welcome to Purgatory
::This time, there are two boxes sitting on Konzen's doorstep. One is marked "fragile" and the other appears to have several holes poked in the top.::
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 heavens_rejects - (heresy_is_sexy)
10:37pm 07/12/2006
Ukoku Sanzo posting in Welcome to Purgatory
::The Nexus is a wonderful place; the postal service even delivers to Heaven. Nii has taken advantage of this (as well as a number of other things which we shan't get into here), and there is now a gift waiting outside Konzen's office.::
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 heavens_rejects - (heretic_prince)
12:59am 01/11/2006
Nataku Taishi posting in Welcome to Purgatory
Nataku could have gone trick-or-treating, a concept which he'd learned about recently in the Nexus, but he's not in the mood. He's been rather solemn ever since Goku came back.

He's hanging around in the trees near the rooms where Tenpou, Konzen, and Kenren stay, quite literally. He likes climbing trees, and these are very nice ones for that.
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